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Check out the Belgian Junior finalists!

25 August 2011 at 15:33 CEST

The Belgian national selection will take place in about a month, when the first show will be held on the 26th of September. The daily shows lead up to their final on the 30th of September.

Evelyn, Naomi, Seppe, Alexandra, Ciska, Flor, Femke and Vince, the eight finalists of the selection, Junior Eurosong 2011, each wrote a new song together with some of the best Belgian songwriters.

See how they look in our gallery below!

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Evelyn De Bels from Mechelen sings Music And Me, Naomi Piscador from Merelbeke Niemand Krijgt Ons Klein, Seppe Laeremans from Herselt sings Hey Hallo Jij!, Alexandra Gadzina from Kortenberg performs Big Bang, Ciska Slowack from Temse competes with Disco Jojo, Flor Busschaert from Westouter Ze Is Nog Niet Van Mij, Femke Verschueren from Morkhoven Een Kusje Meer and Vincent-Laurens Seys (Vince) from Hasselt sings Freedom.

Check out all the finalists in our video below!

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The eight finalists of Junior Eurosong 2011 also recorded a joint song Kei! Vet! Cool!, written by Peter Gillis, Miguel Wiels and Cliff Vrancken.