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Bulgaria sends Super-Ivan to Yerevan

Bulgaria stepped on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest train only in September but already by the 2nd of October they had made their pick for Yerevan.

The winner was decided among ten acts - The Singing Kangaroos, Daniela Ilieva, Ianitsa Stamenova, Rustam Gubkin-Mateyski, New Voices, Charming Smiles, Ivelin Trakyiski, Mariam Mavrova, Ivan Ivanov and the Sand Grains.

But of course it was Ivan Ivanov bringing home the victory with the song Superhero

Who is he?

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"Little Jon Bon Jovi" as friends call Ivan, is the author of the music, the lyrics and the arrangement of the rock piece Superhero.

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Ivan was born in the city of Gorna Oryahovitsa in central Bulgaria. At the age of six, he joined the local children choir. A year later he became solo singer and until now is member of the vocal group New Music.

He also has won many national and international awards at different music contests and festivals. Will he also collect the trophy of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Read his full biography!

He will take the stage fifth in Yerevan, on the 3rd of December. Fingers crossed for him!