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BNT opens up volunteer recruitment

10 September 2015 at 11:41 CEST

Like any major event held these days, the assistance of volunteers to it's overall running is invaluable. From the Olympics to World Cups, local volunteers help the event come alive - and Junior Eurovision is no different.

Bulgarian National Television is now busy recruiting its volunteers for the 2015 competition, and has already contacted people in Bulgaria who have strong experience in many of the aspects needed for volunteers at Junior Eurovision. Several agencies have already promised their kind support and willingness to help, and the broadcaster has received over 100 CVs to date.

The deadline to submit interest to BNT to become a 'Junior Eurovision 2015 Volunteer' will be in the middle of this month. After this, BNT will select candidates from the submitted CVs, and begin interviewing them at the end of September. In October, the volunteers will undergo their training to be ready before delegations begin arriving the following month.

Would you like to be a volunteer?

If you would like to be a volunteer at Junior Eurovision, please send your CV together with a short text about yourself (in Bulgarian) to [email protected]. BNT will be grateful for your support!

What do volunteers do at Junior Eurovision?

Volunteers fulfil a wide range of roles at an event like Junior Eurovision - some are assigned to each delegation to act as their 'Official Hosts' while the are in Bulgaria, providing local knowledge and assistance when required; others work at the venue either in the media centre, helping the press; and some are involved in the production side of the event, making sure that stage acts know where they're going, and are called to their in-ear monitoring in time before their on-stage performance!