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Betty: "I was born on the stage!"

10 November 2014 at 17:56 CET

Betty starts her song on a round silver platform. She is joined by five dancers (three girls and two boys). They have a really good dance routine going on through the entire song, and they interact very nicely with each other. The three girls are going to be using acrobatic props towards the end of the performance.

The backdrop is very colourful, with blue, red and yellow dominating it, while there are also lots of yellow and orange lights around the stage. A big ball on the backdrop that turns and flashes between yellow and red is, of course, representing the sun.

"The stage was really awesome and I was feeling very comfortable, and I always say that I was born on the stage. I love this stage, and the stage loves me!", Betty said when we asked her about today's rehearsal. She added: "The guys enjoyed it as well. They will dance, and we have acrobats who will do the tricks, and I hope everyone will like it".

Betty also said that she has many supporters in Armenia, and her best friends collect pens, so she will try her best to bring them nice "I <3 Malta" pens as souvenirs.

Betty and her friends are going to have their second rehearsal in two days' time, and on Saturday evening they will perform 12th.

Check out the impression of Betty's first rehearsal: