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Backstage: The buzz before the dress rehearsal

21 November 2008 at 21:12 CET

During a dress rehearsal, all contestants are dressed up and the arena is filled with audience. It is a good opportunity to practise the entire show once again, to make sure everything goes perfect tomorrow.

We went all the way down to the basement, where the director and his team decide which camera picture you see on television. They have over 20 small screens to chose from! Over the past weeks, they wrote down every single camera shot you get to see, but nevertheless it is hard work on the big night. Klitos - that's the director - told us that he can't wait to begin with the show!

Every year at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, you see a wonderful scoreboard on the screen, to make sure you do not miss anything of the voting. The people who made that scoreboard for tomorrow's live show are in a good mood. Everything was tested, tested and again tested over the past days, and things seem to be running very smooth. We can already tell you that on this year's scoreboard, a hot air balloon will deliver the points to the right countries.

We are about to kick off with the dress rehearsal here in Lemesos, so stay with for the latest backstage news and gossip!