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Australia's Bella Paige: "To be doing this at such a young age is mind-blowing!"

Decked out in a black top and flowing gold skirt, with a pair of backing dancers to match, Junior Eurovision's first Australian participant belted out her song during her rehearsal session. Her backdrop, in a palate of red, black, and gold, incorporates images of cascading sparks, swirling stars, fireworks, and bursts of flame.

Bela said of her experience today, "It was amazing! It was great performing on the stage for the first time. It's a lot of fun, and I can't wait for the live performance. It's a dream of mine...I've always wanted to perform in an arena, so this is incredible. I'm so humbled to have this opportunity. To be doing this at such a young age is mind-blowing!"

Like all of us, Bella heard the news today that Australia will be joining the lineup for Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. When asked if she had any advice for her grown-up counterparts, she said, "I'd tell them to really take in everything and enjoy it all, since you're going to take a lot out of it. Just have fun!"

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