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Ani Lorak: We'll hypnotise Europe!

30 October 2009 at 13:54 CET

Right after the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who almost fetched the second victory for Ukraine at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest with Shady Lady, found out that she will be the host at the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, she agreed to give an interview to NTU. Enjoy it below!

Do you remember the moment you found out that the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest would take place in Ukraine?

About three months ago I saw one of the posters in the city and was very happy because I think that Ukraine deserves to host this contest.  We’re a very hospitable nation and undoubtedly, we’ll organise the contest at the highest level. 

Why did you agree to become the host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I’ll tell you a secret - though this is not a secret, actually - my participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is non-profit. My decision to become the host of the event is purely patriotic. I want Ukraine only to have a positive image in Europe. Many remember my performance at the last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, my emotions on the stage. When Europe sees me on the screen again, some people will recall me, smile, and maybe even be surprised (in the good sense of the word). I plan to start thorough preparation for the contest because I want the viewers to enjoy the beauty, music and skills of the host. 

Have you already had any thoughts on how will you host the contest? After all, kids aren’t grown-ups, they need a special approach?

I am convinced this won’t be hard for us. I am not far from childhood – there is a little girl in me who looks at the big world with a happy smile, believes that there are more good people than bad ones, and genuinely believes in goodness. I think this will unite me with the kids – the dream, the smile, the positive thinking. Anyway, I love kids, they are the loveliest and appreciating audience. So I am sure we will have a good time.

When you get your own kids, would you want them to perform on stage?

To be honest, I’d prefer my children wouldn't go to show-business. There is a load of hard day-to-day work hiding behind stage lights. And if you don’t give your heart out, you wouldn’t have real success. If I start doing something, I fully commit to that task. For me, the work started immediately after I agreed to host the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I’m thinking about this 24/7, working on something within myself, adding something, possibly even finding something new. 

What goals do you personally have as the host of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Our main goal is to give to people so much love, sunshine, energy, talent, that they forget where they are and, at least for these two hours, land in the world of music and beauty. Our goal – to hypnotise all of Europe and everyone coming to Ukraine so that they fall in love with our country, our Ukrainian soul. Because Ukraine is full of sincere and warm-hearted people.

The seventh Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 21st November in Kyiv, Ukraine.