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Sasha from Belarus and his friends on their hoverboards
Sasha from Belarus and his friends on their hoverboards
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Alexander from Belarus: "I like everything that's going on in this building"

Alexander Minyonok, also known as Sasha, is representing Belarus at 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Musyka moih pobed (Music is my only way). His friends from the dance band Sensation; Karyna, Valeriya, Vlad and Kiryl, accompany him on stage and on the hoverboards!

Alexander, who is 13 years-old, started singing professionally when he was eight and grew up behind the stage of the well-known Belarusian festival "Slavic Bazaar", where his mother worked. A student from music academy Sasha is an artist in the dance band Sensation. Besides singing and dancing he plays the piano, the accordion and plans to learn how to play the drums and also presents TV shows and acts in films.

Sasha dreams of singing with Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake and he is also a big fan of Justin Bieber. He believes that apart from the vocal skills, the main thing for a true artist is his charisma, kindness and intentions to give positive energy to audience. Alexander certainly knows how to use that energy as his hobbies are hoverboarding, skateboarding, rollerblading, skating, cycling, snowboarding in winter, and playing football with friends.

When Belarus finished their second rehearsal Alexander met with to talk a bit about his experience so far in Malta: "Being on stage today it was cool and I liked it a lot. Most of all I like the stage, the lights and, actually, I like everything that’s going on in this building!". On Sunday's live show he hopes to go out on stage, rock it there and "do my best to represent my country in the best possible way".

After the rehearsals and preparations for his performances Alexander is enjoying a lot hanging out with the other contestants: "I made friends with a lot of children from the countries, many many countries. It’s even difficult to mention all of them"!