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Anna will head to France for Junior Eurovision

Albania’s Anna Gjebrea to join the party! 🇦🇱

Anna Gjebrea will represent Albania at the Junior Eurovision in Paris on Sunday 19 December.

The young singer from Tirana revealed on Instagram that she had won Albania’s Junior Fest 2021.

‘I really can’t explain what I felt when my name was announced as the winner of Junior Fest in Albania tonight. I am really happy to represent my country in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and I’ll try my best!’

The 12 year old is no stranger to the world of showbiz: her father, Ardit, is the host and producer of E Diela Shqiptare – a very popular weekly TV show in Albania.

The song Anna will take to Paris will be revealed later in the week.

Can Anna hit the right note and secure Albania’s first win? Let us know via the official Junior Eurovision Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook channels.



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