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A musical duo for Armenia

Anahit born in Sochi, Russia, has a very strong connection to her motherland, Armenia, and has been singing since she was a child. She started her professional career in 2013 when she participated in Russia’s The Voice: Kids and composer Igor Krutoy’s Battle of Talents music competitions. Anahit is a big fan of Junior Eurovision and has watched the show for many years. It has always been her dream to sing on the big stage. "I’m very honoured and happy to be given a chance to represent Armenia at this year’s Junior Eurovision! I can’t wait to share the stage with Mary. I’m sure we are going to have a blast!" said Anahit.

Mary was born in Vardenis, Armenia. She started her musical studies in 2011 and since then has participated in numerous music competitions and festivals, both in Armenia and internationally. In 2015 she took the grand prix in the Renaissance International Music Festival. Mary is excited to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year; "I’ve always dreamed of singing in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I can’t believe that my dream is finally coming true! I’m very excited, and I promise that me and Anahit are going to do our best to impress everyone this November!"

Listen to Anahit’s and Mary’s covers:

Armenia hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2011. The 2016 edition will take place in Malta on 20th November.