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The 2019 contestants meet the press

23 November 2019 at 15:27 CET
Meet & Greet Press Conference Thomas Hanses
Before the Jury Show, all 2019 Junior Eurovision contestants came together to meet the press and answer some questions from the moderators, fans online and the press audience.

On stage, Polish broadcaster TVP President Jacek Kurski welcomed the contestants to Gliwice. He shared that as he watched the Opening Ceremony, he felt the joy in the room and sees how this year's slogan, Share the Joy, is perfect for the occasion.

Each participant was introduced by name and the moderators got right into the questions.

How are you feeling before the big show?

Karina from Armenia shared: "I am very excited, I am very confident and happy that I'm here. I am also happy that I have made so many amazing best friends. The atmosphere here is very fantastic, it's a dream."

Karina Ignatyan (Armenia) answering a question from the press Thomas Hanses

Darija from Serbia feels similarly: "We are all excited because this was our dream. When I was 6 I wanted to go on to JESC and my dream is fulfilled and I'm like oh my god!" To this, Erin from Wales added, "I have to agree, we all have nerves but everyone is going to go out and do well."

Darija Vračević (Serbia) answering a question from the press Thomas Hanses

Lucky charms?

When asked how they would win Junior Eurovision 2019, Anna from Ireland kept it simple and positive: "I am really just going to go out there and enjoy it and remember this time forever. I am really going to do myself proud."

Anna Kearney (Ireland) answering a question from the press Thomas Hanses

Joana (Portugal) and Giorgi (Georgia) both answered that they brought lucky charms to help them in this regard. Giorgi brought a secret talisman and Joana a necklace from her grandmother and music note from her singing teacher back home.

Joana Almeida (Portugal) at the Meet & Greet Press Conference Thomas Hanses

Marta from Italy brought something a little bigger: "My lucky charm is my uncle who is here. He started my path toward music so he is also my lucky charm when I go on stage."

Marta Viola (Italy) at the Meet & Greet Press Conference Thomas Hanses

"I'm floating in the sky!"

There was no lack of joy during the meet & greet. Sophia from Ukraine exclaimed, "I can't tell you my emotions because I am so excited to be here. It is amazing, I am floating in the sky!" Jordan from Australia added that this week has been the best week of his life.

Presenter Mateusz Szymkowiak of the Meet & Greet Press Conference Thomas Hanses

The moderators then turned to fan questions where we got to learn a little more about the artists. For example, Mila from North Macedonia shared that she has two favourite movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mission Impossible.

Mila Moskov (North Macedonia) answering a question from the press Thomas Hanses

Jordan from Australia shared that he was inspired to make music by artists like Ed Sheeran and P!nk and Anna Kearney told us that she does, in fact, believe in magic."

Jordan Anthony (Australia) answering a question from the press Thomas Hanses

The final question, one from the press this time, was to Melani from Spain about how she feels now that Spain is back in the competition after 12 years. Melani: "It feels like, oh my god, I begin! This was my dream since I was 4 years, I told my mom please, please, please I want to do Junior Eurovision. And now I am here and my dream comes true and I am so, so happy!"

Melani Garcia (Spain) at the Meet & Greet Press Conference Thomas Hanses

"Sing your heart out!"

To end the press conference, the artists were treated to a message from Dutch Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence: "Don't be too nervous, try to enjoy everything because it is one hell of an experience. Sing your heart out!"