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20 Finalists chosen in Ukraine

NTU invited a number of those that had sent applications to take part in semifinal, which were held in the broadcaster’s own studios. A jury of five music professionals (Mykhailo Nekrasov, Nataliia Miedviedieva, Andre France, Anzhela Kopotia and llaria) had the responsibility of selecting 19 finalists, with the twentieth act coming from television show ‘Music Academy Eurovision.

The lucky finalists, and full line up, for Ukraine’s national selection is as follows:

  1. Elizabeth Zadoia
  2. Polina Ryzhak
  3. Anna Nikonova
  4. Duet “Double Smile”
  5. Sofiia Yaremova
  6. Viktoriia Sviatogor
  7. Trio “Smile”
  8. Stasia Yevgrashyna
  9. Trio “Zviosdnaia kapel' ” (“Stars drip drop”)
  10. Mariia Tarnavska
  11. Anna Likhota
  12. Anna Trincher
  13. Sofiia Rol'
  14. Yulianna Vasylovska
  15. Veronika Yerokhova
  16. Duet “Boikov sisters”
  17. Denys Frolov
  18. Vocal Ensemble “Zabava” (“Fun”)
  19. Yaryna Taras
  20. Trio: Sofiia Kutsenko, Amaliia Krymska, Marta Rak

Ukraine's Junior Eurovision 2014 national selection will take place in the beginning of August.

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