19 Acts to contest Ukrainian National Selection

“Due to the violation of the rules and requirements that officially exist for all the JESC entries participating in the Ukrainian National Selection, the National Television Company of Ukraine has to deny Vocal Ensemble “Zabava” (“Fun”) participation in the National Final” read a statement from NTU.

The song will not be replaced, meaning that 19 acts will now contest the Ukrainian national selection on 9 August in Bukovel.

The full line-up is as follows, and you can hear each song by clicking the participants' names:

  1. Elizabeth Zadoia
  2. Group “Fresh”
  3. Anna Nikonova
  4. Duet “Double Smile”
  5. Sofiia Yaremova
  6. Viktoriia Sviatogor
  7. Trio “Smile”
  8. Stasy MJ (Stasia Yevgrashyna)
  9. Trio “Zviosdnaia kapel' ” (“Stars drip drop”)
  10. Mariia Tarnavska
  11. Anna Likhota
  12. Anna Trincher
  13. Sofiia Rol'
  14. Yulianna Vasylovska
  15. Veronika Yerokhova
  16. Duet “Boikov sisters” (Nina and Vasia)
  17. Denys Frolov
  18. Yaryna Taras
  19. Trio: Sofiia Kutsenko, Amaliia Krymska, Marta Rak (song not yet ready)