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Spring will come

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Finished 6th
Spring will come
Yevgeny Matyushenko in co-authorship with Ameliya Kryms’ka, Sofiia Kutsenko, Marta Rak
Mikhail Nekrasov in co-authorship with Ameliya Kryms’ka, Sofiia Kutsenko, Marta Rak
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Sympho-Nick, the winners of their national final, will represent Ukraine at JESC 2014. The members of the trio, young performers Marta Rak, Sofiia Kutsenko and Amaliia Kryms’ka, earned the right to take part in the national selection for JESC 2014 by winning the second season of First National Channel TV's project “Music Academy of Eurovision”, in which they each participated as solo artists. 

The girls could hardly imagine that they would compete with each other for the right to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, since they became friends during the “Music Academy of Eurovision” project. Therefore, quite spontaneously, they had the idea to unite and perform together. The name of the trio did not appear immediately, but was a result of polling social networks. The name "Sympho-Nick" was the most popular option and was to the liking of the trio and their team.
So, let's get acquainted with Sympho-Nick's young participants:

Sofiia Kutsenko, from Kharkiv, is 12 years old (born on 27.08.2002). She has been playing piano since the age 5. She has participated in many national and international vocal contests. In May 2014 she won the international final of the Sanremo Junior song contest. She has also taken part in competitions such as "Krok do zіrok" (Step to the stars) (2013); "Moloda Galychyna” (Young Halychyna) (2012); Ukrainian contest-festival "Zorianі Mosty” (Stars' Bridges) (2013); and the charitable arts festival "Tsvietok nadiezhdy" (A flower of hope) in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic in 2011.
In her spare time (which she doesn't have much of), Sofiia likes to ride her bike, and in winter she loves skiing and skating. Sofiia loves creating oil paintings on canvas, beading, and reading books. Her favorite music styles are pop and jazz, and her dream is to sing with Adele. Her favorite cartoon character is "SpongeBob." One of the happiest moments in her life was getting a pet, a dog named Danny. Another exciting moment for Sofiia was when she was crowned as Little Miss World 2012.
Sofiia's credo and main motto in life is "Never give up and fight to the end."

Marta Rak, from Novoiavorivsk, Lviv region, is 13 years old (born on 29.01.2001). She plays piano, and started to attend music classes at the age of 10. Among Marta's musical achievements include her participation in national and international competitions and festivals such as the International Festival of Ukrainian song "Moloda Galychyna” (Young Halychyna) in 2013 (held in Novoiavorivsk), International Song Festival “Spivograi” (held in Feodosiia), the International Song Festival “Evrokids Art” 2012 (held in Italy), and the international television competition of young performers "Starvoice 2013" (Kyiv).
Apart from music, Marta loves dancing, reading, and writing music and poetry. She has also tried her hand at being a presenter of children's programs on Ukrainian TV channels. Marta likes outdoor activities, especially in the Carpathians, and also swimming. Among her favorite music styles are pop music and jazz. Marta's cherished dream is to become a famous singer and present her music to the public. Among the international artists that she would like to duet with are Philip Kirkorov, Celine Dion, and Toni Braxton, while among Ukrainian performers she would like to sing with Ani Lorak and Tina Karol. Marta values kindness, sincerity and purposefulness in people. Her favorite cartoons are "Winnie the Pooh" and "Ну, погоди (Well, just you wait!)", and her favorite movie is "Titanic", since her favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead. The most exciting feelings and impressions that Marta have experienced in her life are connected with her participation and victories in contests. Her credo and motto in life is to "move forward and not give up".

Amaliia Kryms’ka, from Simferopol, is 12 years old (born on 27.09.2002). She plays piano and started to attend music classes at the age of 5. Her creative career started age 6 with participation in the festival-contests “Mini svit krasy Ukrainy” (Mini beauty world of Ukraine), and “Step by step”, where she won the Grand Prix.

In her native Crimea, a young artist often takes part in many charitable concerts, children’s festivals, and events of national and municipal importance. In 2010, Amaliia gave her first solo concert at a charity event called "City of childhood" for orphans in Simferopol, which was dedicated to Children’s Day. With this concert, Amaliia started her active music career. She has also taken part in festivals like “Nasha zemlia - Ukraina” (“Our land - Ukraine”) in Artek, where she performed her own songs about Ukraine, as well as the festival “Shchaslyvi doloni” (“Happy palms”).

In 2011 Amaliia was the special guest of the festival “My dity tvoi, Ukraina” (“Ukraine, we are your children”) which is annually held in the camp “Moloda hvardiia” (Young guard) in Odessa. She co-hosted the festival with popular showman Timur Miroshnychenko (who had previously hosted Junior Eurovision in 2009 and 2013). Also in 2011 Amaliia received the "Breakthrough of the Year" award in Crimea.
Her favorite musical style is RnB. She dreams about performing with Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, and Adam Lambert. Amaliia’s favorite actor is Justin Bartha, who starred in the movie “The Rebound”. The most exciting moment in her life was the news of her younger sister’s birth. In her free time, she likes drawing, listening to music, watching movies, playing the guitar, dancing, boxing, going skating and roller-skating, and riding her bike. Her motto in life is ”Always reach your aim”.

Lyrics of Spring will come

Your magic story… your story You won’t be sorry Живе весна в одній чудовій країні А ми вирушаєм З нами небо cпіває Chorus: Люба та єдина (назавжди) Люба та гостинна (оh yeah) Люба мов родина (моя назавжди) Люба… Україна Our stars are shining Life – so exciting Прийде весна і нас поволі зігріє А ми мрію маєм Та майбутнє співає Попереду мета. Хто мріє, той літа Магія… У тій землі краса, єдині небеса Знаю я Chorus: Люба та єдина (назавжди) Люба та гостинна (оh yeah) Люба мов родина (моя назавжди) Люба… Україна Земля моя!
Your magic story… your story You won’t be sorry Spring lives in one beautiful country And we set off The sky sings with us Chorus: Beloved and united (forever) Beloved and welcoming (oh yeah) Beloved like a family (forever mine) Beloved… Ukraine Our stars are shining Life – so exciting Spring will come and warm us And we have a dream And the future sings Aim is ahead. Flies the one who dreams Magic… There’s beauty in that land, the sky is one I know Chorus: Beloved and united (forever) Beloved and welcoming (oh yeah) Beloved like a family (forever mine) Beloved… Ukraine My land!