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Luara Hayrapetyan

11-year-old Luara Hayrapetyan, also known as Lara, was born on the 29th of September, 1997 in Astrakhan, Russia and studies in gymnasium and a music school. Since the age of four, Lara has been studying vocal, attends ballroom dancing classes, at the age of seven entered a musical school, studies at children pop music studio Vesnushki of Astrakhangasprom cultural centre Victoria, where she is also the lead soloist. 

Being a citizen of Armenia, though, she spends a lot of time in Kapan and takes saxophone, vocal and dance classes.

She has been participating in a number of contests and festivals since she was five and has represented Russia and Armenia.

Luara has already recorded four albums: Pochemuchka, Krasnaya Shapochka, Sokhrani and Shokoladka. There are several music videos that she managed to release.

Luara has managed to take part in the national selections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Russia in 2006 (finished second!), and Armenia in 2008 when she finished third.

Luara dreams to become a Jazz Singer and her music idols are Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli.

Her favorite school subjects are Physical Education, Math, Russian language and History. She also plays tennis and swims in the pool during leisure time. Luara's favorite animals are horses and she dreams to have one. She also likes travelling, learning new things in foreign countries and she has already been to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, and Malta.

Luara's favorite quote is Mark Twain's "When in doubt – tell the truth" ("Following the Equator") and her favorite book is "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".

Luara and her brother are huge football fans, playing football on the grass in the yard with their friends. During the Manchester United vs Barcelona game their whole family jumped up shouting "Goal, Barcelona!" and this became the main plot for her song.

Music video

Lyrics of Barcelona

Khatutik sirun gndak
Im eghbor du ser miak,
Erazanqi timn e ir` «Barcelona»-n.

Bayc eghbayrs lav giti,
Vor ir timn el khaghti,
Metsana erb u darna «Barcelona».

Gol-gol, lavaguynn ays timn e,
Gol-gol, harvatsnern uzhgin en,
Gol-gol, npatake haghteln e, «Barcelona». (x2)

Im eghbayre menak che,
Tasnmeke mets uzh e,
Ev anunn el ir timi «Yerevan» e.
«Yerevan»-e erb haghti,
Ir erazin na khasni,
Mets gavate (nran) khandzni «Barcelona»-n: