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Jill & Lauren

What do you get when you bring together a blonde singer, a brunette singer and a perfect pop song? No, not ABBA. You get Jill & Lauren, the Belgian girl duo who hope to get the whole of Europe dancing with their irresistible party song Get Up!.

Jill & Lauren live not far from Ghent, one of Belgium’s most beautiful cities, and one of the most important cities in European history. The girls got to know each other a few years ago through a mutual friend and soon discovered that not only their characters but also their voices were a perfect match. A new girl duo was born.

Get Up!

Get Up! is a song that brightens your day when you’ve got out of bed on the wrong side. It’s a song that makes you want to carry on, even when the going gets a little tough. But above all, it’s a song you can sing along to at the top of your voice and dance to as if you’re a very special guest at the world’s best party.


Jill Van Vooren is 15 years old and has one older sister. She attends a high school for the arts and is particularly fond of acting and dancing. She’s also an outdoors girl; she loves surfing. Her great musical role model is nobody less than Beyoncé.

& Lauren…

Lauren De Ruyck is 15 years old. She has been fascinated by musicals ever since her early childhood and has frequently performed in major productions. Just like Jill, Lauren plays the electric guitar. These girls rock!

Popular in Belgium

Jill & Lauren have been enormously popular in Belgium for the past couple of months. Their song Get Up! is a big radio hit and the accompanying video clip has long since passed the half a million hits mark on YouTube.

At live performances the girls are invariably swamped with fans, who naturally all want an autograph. Jill & Lauren have already completely won over Belgium. On now to the rest of Europe!

Who helped?

Jill & Lauren co-wrote their Junior Eurovision Song Contest entry together with some of Belgium's finest music producers: Peter Gillis, Miguel Wiels & Alain Vande Putte.

This terrific trio have penned numerous Belgian and Dutch hits. Moreover, this is the second time in a row that their entry has won the Belgian Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selections; they wrote last year’s Belgian entry Zo Verliefd (Yodelo), which was sung by Laura.

Miguel Wiels has been a renowned artist/producer in Belgium for twenty years. His career took off in 1990, following the release of his album A Dream Of No Return’.

Since then he has written, composed and produced countless hit records for a host of famous Belgian artists, including Yasmine, Isabelle A and Eurovision Song Contest legends Nicole & Hugo.

Miguel is also one of the musical brains behind K3, by far the most successful kids-act in Belgium and the Netherlands, selling more than 4 million CDs in the past 10 years.

Their huge success has even inspired German and South African clones. Miguel is also known for his numerous TV appearances as a bandleader, in several musical TV formats.

Peter Gillis is also a veteran composer/producer. He is the man behind a long list of Belgian hits and has worked with some of Belgium’s biggest acts, such as The Dinky Toys and Pop in Wonderland.

Together with Miguel Wiels, he has produced all of K3’s hit singles and albums. His contribution to Jill & Lauren’s Get Up! is his third Junior Eurovision Song Contest collaboration; he also produced the 2006 Belgian candidate Thor’s Een Tocht Door Het Donker and Laura’s 2009 entry Zo Verliefd (Yodelo).

Alain Vande Putte co-wrote the lyrics of Jill & Lauren’s song. His impressive Belgian musical CV includes numerous hits for acts such as Gene Thomas, The Dinky Toys and Sha-na. He is also the third musical brain behind the mega successful K3.

Music video

Lyrics of Get Up!

Test, test, test…
Zeg staat dit ding wel aan?
Want ik wil helemaal gaan!
Alle meiden doen mee, don’t you know?
Want alle jongens gaan oh-é-oh-é-oh-é-oh!
Iedereen zegt: het lukt nooit!
En dat ik m’n leven vergooi!
Maar juist daarom denk ik:
Stop voor geen ogenblik!

Blijf vechten, blijf wagen!
Niet zeuren, niet zagen!
Niet kreunen, niet klagen!
Diep ademhalen! (inhaleren)

Get up! Get up! Zet de wereld op z’n kop!
Get up! Get up! It’s a party, a-ha!
Get up! Get up! Morgen sta ik aan de top!
Gonna do it my-y own way, (my) o-o-o-o-own way!

Naar iedereen die ooit lachte
Heb ik m’n rug gekeerd
Heeft nu z’n lesje geleerd
En gaat van oh-é-oh-é-oh-é-oh!
M’n lichaam staat op springen
Ik kan me niet bedwingen
Ik hoor niet wat je zegt!
Ik ga m’n eigen weg!

Brug en refrein

Ik doe het doodgewoon my way
En sta er best fraai mee
Zo’n kop van “ik geef niet op!”
Blijf vechten, blijf wagen!
Blijf ’t leven uitdagen!
Jij moet gewoon slagen!

Get up! Get up! Zet de wereld op z’n kop!
Get up! Get up! Bouw een feest dat niet meer stopt!
Get up! Get up! Morgen sta ik aan de top!
Gonna do it my-y own way, (my) o-o-o-o-own way!
Get Up!

Test, test, test…
Hey, is this thing turned on?
‘Cos I’m I really ready to let myself go!
All the girls are joining in, don’t you know?
‘Cos all the boys are going: oh-é-oh-é-oh-é-oh!
Everyone says: it will never work out!
And that I’m throwing my life away!
But that just makes me think:
Don’t stop for a moment!

Keep fighting, keep daring!
Don’t moan, don’t whine!
Don’t groan, don’t complain!
Take a deep breath! (inhale)

Get up! Get up! Turn the world upside down!
Get up! Get up! It’s a party, a-ha!
Get up! Get up! Tomorrow I’ll be on top!
Gonna do it my-y own way, (my) o-o-o-o-own way!

I turned my back
On everyone who ever laughed
They’ve learned their lesson
And now go: oh-é-oh-é-oh-é-oh!
My body is ready to burst
I can’t hold myself back
I can’t hear what you say!
I’m going my own way!

Bridge and chorus

I’m simply doing it my way
And doing pretty nicely
With an attitude of: I’m not giving up!
Keep fighting, keep daring!
Keep challenging life!
You simply have to succeed!

Get up! Get up! Turn the world upside down!
Get up! Get up! Have a party that never stops!
Get up! Get up! Tomorrow I’ll be at the top!
Gonna do it my-y own way, (my) o-o-o-o-own way!