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Dayana Kirillova

Dayana has two big dreams: she wants to become the winner of the JESC 2013 in Kiev and to visit Disneyland in Paris. She hopes that her performance brings happiness and joy to her audience.

Dayana is 11 years old and from Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

Her first appearance on stage was at the age of four and she has been taking vocal classes in the music studio ever since. During the first three years of education at the music school Dayana learned to play flute and a couple of years ago she also started choreography and modern dance at the studio ‘Todes’ in Kazan. Now she is attending fifth grade at school and favourite subjects are biology and school sports.

For several years Dayana has been singing in the girl band ‘Barbie Cocktail.’ She participated in various children's musical festivals and competitions including the ‘Children's New Wave’ (2012) and the well known ‘Slavic Bazaar’ in Vitebsk (2013), winning several awards.

Dayana has competed twice in the Russian National Final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, placing second in 2012. This year she won the first place with her song ‘Dream on,’ written by Taras Demchuk, Margarita Doroshevich and Dayana Kirillova.

Music video

Lyrics of Dream on

Я хотела бы плыть над облаками -
От туманов до северных сияний,
Пролетать большие города.
Под крылом оставляя небоскребы -
Может это и сон, но ты попробуй
Верить в то, что сбудется мечта!
Все возможно, я с тобой!

Мечтай, мечту не отпускай
И каждый рассвет встречай,
Как новый шанс – это наше сейчас, небо за нас!
Мечтай, все сбудется, когда расправим мы
Два крыла одной любви -
Будет небо за нас... Небо за нас!

Мы все кружимся по своим орбитам.
И летят мимо нас метeориты -
Пульс Земли не стихнет никогда!
Бесконечен этот мир!
I want to soar above the clouds
From the mists to the northern lights
Fly above the cities
Under our wings we leave the skyscrapers
Maybe it's a dream, but you just try
To believe that this dream will come true!
Everything is possible, I am with you!

Dream on, don't let your dream fly away
Greet the sunrise
Like our new chance, the heaven is for us!
Dream on, everything will come true
When we spread the wings of our love
Heaven is for us… For us!

We are circling along our orbits
And the meteorites pass by
The Pulse of the Earth is beating forever!
The world is endless!