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Polina Bogusevich Polina Bogusevich Wings
188 points 1st
Grigol Kipshidze Grigol Kipshidze Voice Of The Heart
185 points 2nd
Isabella Clarke Isabella Clarke Speak Up
172 points 3rd
Fource Fource Love Me
156 points 4th
Helena Meraai Helena Meraai I Am The One
149 points 5th
Misha Misha Boomerang
148 points 6th
Anastasiya Baginska Anastasiya Baginska Don't Stop
147 points 7th
Alicja Rega Alicja Rega Mój Dom
138 points 8th
Gianluca Cilia Gianluca Cilia Dawra Tond
107 points 9th
Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović Irina Brodić and Jana Paunović Ceo svet je naš
92 points 10th
Maria Iside Fiore Maria Iside Fiore Scelgo (My Choice)
86 points 11th
Mina Blažev Mina Blažev Dancing Through Life
69 points 12th
Ana Kodra Ana Kodra Don’t Touch My Tree (Mos Ma Prekni Pemen)
67 points 13th
Mariana Venâncio Mariana Venâncio Youtuber
54 points 14th
Muireann McDonnell Muireann McDonnell Suile Glasa
54 points 15th
Nicole Nicolaou Nicole Nicolaou I Wanna Be A Star
45 points 16th