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Arina Pehtereva Arina Pehtereva Aliens
130 points 5th
Valentina Valentina J'imagine
200 points 1st
Sandra Gadelia Sandra Gadelia You Are Not Alone
111 points 6th
Susan Susan Stronger with you
66 points 12th
Karakat Bashanova Karakat Bashanova Forever
152 points 2nd
Chanel Monseigneur Chanel Monseigneur Chasing Sunsets
100 points 8th
Unity Unity Best Friends
132 points 4th
Ala Tracz Ala Tracz I'll Be Standing
90 points 9th
Sofia Feskova Sofia Feskova My New Day
88 points 10th
Petar Aničić Petar Aničić Heartbeat
85 points 11th
Soleá Soleá Palante
133 points 3rd
Oleksandr Balabanov Oleksandr Balabanov Vidkryvai (Open Up)
106 points 7th