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Free Spirits Accroche-Toi
37 points 10th
María Isabel María Isabel Antes Muerta Que Sencilla
171 points 1st
Mārtiņš Tālbergs & C-Stones Juniors Balts Vai Melns
3 points 17th
Demis Mirarchi Birichino
4 points 16th
@lek En stjerne skal jeg bli
12 points 13th
Nika Turković Hej Mali
126 points 3rd
Klaartje and Nicky Hij Is Een Kei
27 points 11th
Secret Band O Palios Mou Eaftos
48 points 9th
Marios Tofis Onira
61 points 8th
COOL KIDS Pigen er min
116 points 5th
Young Talent Team Power Of A Song
14 points 12th
Thomas Si On Voulait Bien
78 points 6th
Egor Volchek Spjavajtse So Mnoj
9 points 14th
Cory Spedding The Best Is Yet To Come
140 points 2nd
Limelights Varför jag?
8 points 15th
Noni Răzvan Ene Îţi Mulţumesc
123 points 4th
KWADro Łap Życie
3 points 17th