Eurovision Family of Events

The Eurovision Family of Events is a tight-knit group of five international events that each have a specific purpose and audience, yet have a lot in common.

The Eurovision Live Events are organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the world’s foremost alliance of public service media, together with its Members.

Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest was established in 1956 and has taken place annually ever since. The world’s largest live music show attracts nearly 200 million people from Europe and around the world and has been held in over 25 countries.

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is the Eurovision Song Contest's 'little brother', showcasing extraordinary talent aged 9 to 14. The competition was organised for the first time in 2003 in Denmark. Since the inaugural contest, it travelled to Norway (2004), Belgium (2005), Romania (2006), the Netherlands (2007 and 2012), Cyprus (2008), Ukraine (2009 and 2013), Belarus (2010), Armenia (2011), Malta (2014 and 2016), Bulgaria (2015), Georgia (2017) and Belarus (2018).

Eurovision Young Musicians

Eurovision Young Musicians is a biennial classical music competition for European musicians aged between 12 and 21 years old. Since the inaugural contest in the United Kingdom in 1986 the contest has travelled to Switzerland (1984 and 2004), Denmark (1986), the Netherlands (1988), Austria (1990, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012), Belgium (1992), Poland (1994), Portugal (1996), Norway (2000), Germany (2002, 2014 and 2016) and Scotland (2018).

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Eurovision Young Dancers

Eurovision Young Dancers showcases the best European dancers aged between 16 and 21 years old. Since the inaugural contest in Italy (1985), the contest has travelled to Germany (1987), France (1989 and 1999), Finland (1991), Sweden (1993), Switzerland (1995), Poland (1997, 2005 and 2013), the United Kingdom (2001), the Netherlands (2003), Norway (2011) and Czech Republic (2015 and 2017). The contest did not take place in 2007 and 2009.

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Eurovision Choir of the Year

Eurovision Choir is the newest member of the Eurovision Live Events. This unique competition takes viewers on a colourful journey across Europe in search of the continent's pre-eminent amateur vocal group. The event is held in partnership with Interkultur – the organisers of the World and European Choir Games.

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